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Job Search Techniques

Job Search, local and national jobs

Looking for a job can be a long and time consuming process, so here are some Job Search Techniques that you should implement in your search:

Self-analyse… Think about your situation and about what you really want from your career.  What do you feel is important to you and what are you enthusiastic about? When you realise and decide on what you really want from your career, it will make you far more focused on getting it. Things you need to decide on are where you want to work, what your salary expectations are and the type of job you are looking for.

Be organised… Make sure you have created, updated and sent out your CV’s to potential employers. Research the companies that you want to apply to and if you are successful in securing an interview, make sure you are prepared for it!

Network… There is no harm in asking friends or family if they know of any job vacancies. It is also a good idea to ask people who are currently working in a sector that you would like to work in, as they will have more relevant connections. You could also attend any job fairs that are taking place; this will enable you to speak directly with employers and make a great first impression.

Ring up employers… This shows initiative and it means you are not waiting around for a response. It may also help employers remember you when it comes to the interview process.

Keep a record… Keep note of these things for each job that you apply for: The company you applied to, name and contact details of the person you sent your application to, the date you applied, any responses you got back from them and the dates of interviews. Also, it would be good to keep a copy of the CV and Cover Letter you sent to them, just in case they ask you questions about it during the interview.

Be persistent… After your interview with an employer, within the next 24-48 hours it is a good idea to send them a thank you email. This could be the deciding factor for you if an employer is choosing between you and someone else. If it has been over a week, why not ring the employer? This will help them remember you.

Get professional help… Using a recruitment agency like us, means that you are exposed to an excellent range of resources. Agencies usually specialise in specific areas/industries, so try and find the right one for you to see if they can help.

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