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How to build relationships with your co – workers

How to build relationships with your co – workers

Working 9-5, 5 days a week, the office becomes a second home. So, being in this environment, it is important we make some good relationships with our co-workers. Below are some of the ways we have found that make building relationships that little bit easier.

One of the easiest ways to start building a relationship is to find common ground that you and a co-worker could talk about. Small-talk at lunch can lead to you finding out that you have a common interest – this could be anything from the same TV soap to stamp collecting; you’ll never know until you engage in that first bit of small-talk. It’s known that people like to talk about themselves. Be observant and ask how their weekend was or what they got up to (if you know they are willing to talk about it!), this could get the ball rolling.

Being honest with your colleagues is paramount to a successful work relationship. There is no point backstabbing or lying to them when you spend over 40 hours a week in their company! Honesty leads to trust, and trust is important with regard to working and communicating with your colleagues. This in turn will help boost office morale and workplace productivity.

It’s easy to bond with co-workers that are of a similar age or position to you, but it’s good to make friends and relationships with co-workers who are older or of a higher position. The relationship can become a beneficial two-way street. You can gain from their knowledge and experience and if they are a senior figure in the company, a social relationship can alleviate the (usual) intimidation between boss and worker. Your boss will benefit from the causal mentoring that will occur from a more relaxed, social relationship.

Building relationships with co-workers is an important part of your work life. You never know, this “relationship advice” could lead to a blossoming workplace friendship!

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