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With ITV’s ‘The X Factor’ in full swing on our TVs, we stop to think, what is the X Factor that employers are looking for and do YOU have it? Employers are looking for that special something that sets you aside from the other candidates, but what exactly is it?

There are a few things that nearly all employers are looking for in potential candidates. First of all, are you QUALIFIED for this job? It is as simple as that. Do you meet the essential requirements that they have asked for? This is something that you should look at before you even think of applying for the job. Ask yourself, ‘Have I got what it takes?’, and if the answer is Yes, then go for it!

Are you ORGANISED? This is one of the most commonly used terms on job advertisements. Organisation is the key to success. If you can prove to an employer, either through your CV or during your interview, that you are going to be able to prioritise your workload and the tasks that you will be set, this will put you above the other candidates as the employer will know that you are going to get the job done.

A big potential ‘X Factor’ is your ability to COMMUNICATE. This may be difficult to portray via your CV, but will definitely be proven in your interview! It depends on the job in terms of how much communication is needed for the role, but it is one of the most requested skills on a job advertisement.

Finally, are you MOTIVATED? You may think that the fact that you have applied for the job is proof in itself that you are motivated! Yet, this also applies to your work ethic. Will you have the motivation to get on with your work and not have to be told what to do, using your own initiative when it is needed? You can prove in your CV or during an interview of a time when you have used your own initiative and this may even be a question from the employer themselves!

These are some of the most common and frequently requested skills and qualities that employers ask for, and if you have these, then you may just have the X Factor that they are looking for!

Industrial Personnel wish you all the best in your search for the right job! Why not see if we can help you with that!

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