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HOW TO ATTRACT THE RIGHT CANDIDATES – For many employers, attracting the right candidates can become an arduous task. It can involve a lot of time and effort out of your day, but, it has to be done in order to fill a position with the right person.

So, what can you do to get the right people attracted to the job role you’re advertising? Take a look at these few tips that I have devised with the help from Inc. online that could help you attract more of the right people:

  • Promote your brand: Before a candidate even has an interview with you, you bet they will have searched the company on google. Not only is this important for them to learn about the company, it will also give them some insight on what it is like to work there, and more importantly, if it is a company they would like to work for.


The aim is to evidence that your company is a great place to work. Take a look at your website and social media platforms and be creative with it. You want the candidate to relate to all of the company’s ideologies, so make sure they’re clear on your site!

  • Offer opportunities for progression: A vast majority of applicants will want to know if there is a potential to progress in a company. If there is an opportunity for progression, it will make them increasingly likely to invest their talent in a company that is willing to invest their time in return.


  • Be responsive: Looking for a job is very stressful, and it can become disheartening when companies don’t respond to your applications or questions you may have. An email which states that you are thanking them for their interest in a said position will go a long way.


Also, after interviews it is a great idea to give the candidate some feedback – the positives, and the negatives. Giving them positive feedback will boost their confidence as they will know there are things they are doing right, and, the negative points will allow candidates to improve to further mould themselves into the perfect candidates for future job applications.


  • A good reputation: Your employees are your best advocates, and don’t forget it! Professionals who use sites such as LinkedIn will be able to gain an insight into what it is like to work at your company through your current employees. Candidates are much more likely to have the desire to work somewhere where employees are satisfied, and it holds a good reputation.

This will also increase your employee retention rates because employees are much more likely to remain in a workplace if they feel valued. It will allow you to train staff internally for further progression in the company.


  • Get referrals: Your staff may be in touch with people that would be a great fit to your work place and it is important to ask. Encourage staff to have a think about people that they believe would be great at the job and fit in well with the team, you never know, you may end up finding the perfect candidate for the position!


Although some of these tasks may be difficult to keep on top of, dividing the work load between a team will not only help you attract the right candidates, but make your working team much stronger by working together. Just remember these tips and they could go a long way. Do you have any other tips that you believe would be helpful to add? Leave a comment below!


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