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How to write an inclusive job advert

How to write an inclusive job advert

Job advertisements may seem easy to write, however, this is not necessarily the case. Recent studies by numerous sources (Total jobs, Linkedin, Cencuswide etc) have found that the wording used in job advertisements can have a huge impact on the diversity of applicants.

An inclusive workplace has been found to increase job satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and boost employee morale (amongst many other benefits). Having an inclusive workplace therefore starts with producing job descriptions which will attract a range of applicants.

Avoid gendered language

The language chosen for job advertisements can significantly impact the gender diversity of applicants. A survey conducted by Censuswide found that a job advertised using the term ‘aggressive’ within the job description would receive far more male applicants than female. In fact, 52% of women would be put off from applying for this position. Some gendered words can appear much less obvious, for example, research conducted by Totaljobs has found that 24% of women said they would be put off by the term ‘born leader’ being used in a job advert, compared to 17% of men.

The image below showcases some more words which have been found to hold gender bias, as researched by Totaljobs.

– Totaljobs

Be aware of literacy exclusion

Good content is accessible content, so you must ensure that your advertisements are not excluding people with varied linguistic abilities. For example; younger applicants, people who speak English as a second language, or individuals with learning disorders (such as dyslexia). In order to make adverts as accessible as possible, it is recommended that you keep sentences short, avoid long paragraphs, and use white space effectively to reduce visual ‘noise’. Online tools such as Grammarly can be used when creating job advertisements to assess the level of reading ability required to understand the description.

Other ways to make content more accessible may be to create video advertisements, or the use of imagery.

Avoid Jargon

If you include industry related jargon within a job advertisement, you may be alienating people who have the required skills, who might be perfect for the position, but who simply don’t know the jargon. People often scroll through numerous job advertisements, and the adverts which are the easiest to understand are the ones which catch their attention, and often get their applications. If someone has to sift through jargon, and google terms, in order to understand an advert, they would be significantly less likely to apply for the job!

Are you aiming to attract a more diverse range of applicants, or just struggling to write a job ad? Let us do the work for you! Give us a call on 01709 821811 and find out how we can help you fulfil your recruitment needs.

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