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Welcome back to the latest in the interview question blog series. As usual I will cover a common interview question giving you some tips on how to answer it. This week I have decided to focus on ‘ ‘ what is your greatest achievement ?’ I have chosen this one in particular because I understand that it can sometimes be difficult to talk about your achievements. Fear not, I am here to give you some top tips!

Like always, I do advise you to prepare for this question, it will seriously help you out during the interview process. Start by making a list of all of your greatest achievements – it can be whatever achievement springs to your mind. Alongside each achievement write down what skills it highlights, for example if you achieved something in a group, this will definitely accentuate your teamwork skills!

So, what do you do when you’re in front of the interviewer? Don’t worry, I have some tips at hand to help you breathe a little easier:

  • Tell a story: This is an achievement you are proud of. You want to make the interviewer understand how it makes you feel. Describe in detail what happened, how it happened and what the outcome was.
  • Make it relevant to the job: So, if your achievement relates to any skill needed for the job, mention it! Interviewers are asking this question to see if there is anything that matches the criteria of the job role, be it team work or organisational skills.
  • Make it recent: As people we are always changing, so discussing an achievement from 10 years ago may not be so relevant. Also, if your achievement is about the industry you have applied for and it is 10 years ago, your achievement will be irrelevant. Don’t forget, industries are ever changing.

What is your greatest achievement .…….

Well those the top 3 tips I have for you for your future interviews. Now, there are things

that you should avoid when answering this question and it is imperative that you don’t



  • Don’t try to be funny or silly: You need to handle this in a professional manner. For example, don’t speak ill of someone else in order to make yourself look better. Keep your story positive, the interviewer doesn’t want to hear about an instance where you were a victim.
  • Tell the truth: Always makes sure you are telling the truth fully (don’t even stretch the truth slightly), don’t try and claim an achievement that wasn’t yours. Lies always get found out, and lying in the interview process could catch up to you (even a while after you’ve landed the job).

I hope your mind is slightly at ease after reading these tips, but I bet you’re thinking, how do I actually answer the question? Take a look at these top answers that you can tailor to meet your own accomplishments:

  • “My greatest accomplishment is running the marketing department while raising triplets. I came back to work 12 weeks after they were born and during the following year, I also went back to school to earn my MBA.”
  • “In my last position as an office manager, I identified several cost-saving measures that saved the company thousands of dollars a year, without scrimping on essential services. For example, I doubt that the staff noticed that we switched to a cheaper office supply package, but it made a huge difference to our budget.”

That draws this week’s interview blog to a close, I hope you have found it useful and think about these tips in the future. Do you have any more tips you could add? If so we would love to hear them – leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to join me next week when I will be discussing another common job interview question!



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