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Having an extensive employment history was previously perceived as a negative to employers and professionals. Yet now, according to research carried out by leading UK job board CV Library, over 74% of the 1200 people asked, now believe that job hopping has become more acceptable over the years. It was found to be even more acceptable to those aged under 18 (87%), and this suggests that attitudes to work are changing in the younger generations.

It was also found that just short of half of those asked (46.8%) though it was acceptable to leave their job after a year of working, and again this figure increased (65%) when those under 18 were asked.

So, what are some of the reasons as to why people have changed their attitude towards job hopping? The top reasons given included: “if there is a better opportunity you should take it” (35%), “changing circumstances” (26%) and “the job might not be right for you” (17.9%). (One Rec)

On the contrary, there were over a third of people who thought that leaving after less than one year of working with a company, meant that you hadn’t given it enough of a chance. Almost 30% thought leaving a job after a short period looks bad on your CV, and around 20% of those agreed that it was unprofessional.

What do you think? If you are an employer, does an extensive work history put you off? Or, as an employee, what are your views on job hopping?

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