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Are you currently looking and applying for jobs? Has your search and application process been going on for a long time now without much success? Maybe you are making some of these common mistakes:

Do you chase up your job applications? If it has been a while since you applied for the job and you haven’t heard anything back, why not send them an email asking if they have received your application. It will give you clarification as to whether you have been successful or not, or whether there has been a problem on their side in getting back to you. Don’t send multiple emails though, as this could look ‘pushy’ and may cost you an interview.

Maybe you are being too ambitious. If you are applying for jobs that are out of your league, or you know that you don’t have the skills that the job is requiring, then of course this may lead to disappointment in the long run. If you are constantly being rejected from jobs, this is going to be disheartening, which is not what you need when job searching.  If you stick to applying for jobs that are within your skill set, you are more likely to see results and hopefully, a job!

One of the main and most common mistakes that people make when it comes to applying for jobs, is having errors on their CV or Cover Letter. Always remember, before you send your CV out, to proof read it thoroughly! Get a friend or family member to give it a look over for you. A CV or Cover Letter that contains mistakes just shows a lack of attention to detail and it could actually prevent your application from progressing onto the next stage. You would feel pretty annoyed if you had made a typing error in your contact details and the employer couldn’t get hold of you to discuss the next stage.

You are meant to use your Cover Letter as an opportunity to tell the employer how you are the perfect candidate for the position. Yet, a lot of people tend to send out a generic Cover Letter to all employers alongside their CV. Using a generic Cover Letter will make you look lazy, and an interviewer can spot it from a mile off! So, make sure that you are using this opportunity to highlight your main skills in relation to the job specification.

Finally, have you tried asking those close to you about any job opportunities? Friends and family members may have invaluable connections that could potentially lead to a job offer. Make it known to them that you are currently job seeking and you never know what may come your way! An internal connection in a company makes it more likely and easier to get an interview.

If your job-hunting process is taking a while, check and make sure you aren’t making any of these common mistakes, better still, let us do it for you!

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