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We spend a lot of time with our co-workers, so we are bound to get on each other’s nerves at some point because of our habits and actions. Here are some of the top pet peeves found in the office:

Firstly, tea duties. People love the offer of a cup of tea, but when it’s their turn to make the office round, they are more than reluctant to do so. If this sounds like you, you may start to find yourself being left out of the tea round soon.

People not washing up after themselves and leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen area is another pet peeve. It’s common decency to clean up after yourself, this includes spillages and soup explosions in the microwave. Another kitchen pet peeve is smelly foods. Leftover curry or fish from last night may seem appealing to you, but not for the rest of your co-workers when the smell makes its way round the office. This problem has even led to some managers removing the microwave because of the smell issue. Also, stealing another co-worker’s food is a definite no-no, it will just get you into a very sticky situation and having to owe someone lunch.

Email pet peeves include lengthy emails that could have been a short face-to-face conversation, and those annoying co-workers who ‘reply all’ on an unnecessary response. This leads to an unending email thread, again annoying all your co-workers.

Does your work neighbour shout down the phone, or abuse the loudspeaker function on their phone? This is a pet peeve of many. It’s disruptive, annoying, and rude. People don’t need to hear your whole phone call, so only put it on loudspeaker if you have to and try to use your indoor voice!

For those people who smoke, having frequent smoking breaks can be a massive pet peeve for those who don’t. Non-smokers in the office don’t get extra breaks like smokers do and many people believe this to be unfair.

Have you resonated with any of these pet peeves? Comment below and tell us what your office pet peeves are!

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