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I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to wake up in the morning to the sun beaming through my window, I’m sure you’ll agree. That being said, according to a poll by Engage for Success, workers leave the office on average 2.3 days per week, during the summer months. This can seem like such a shame when you work long hours and get little time to enjoy the great weather. However, there is a solution. Along with the help of Brookdale Careers online, I have a few tips that can help you keep motivated at work, and allow you to enjoy free time this summer, take a look:

  • Ground yourself and stay centred: Remember, it’s important to set aside time for yourself. Before you go to work, go for a walk, read the paper with a coffee, have a quick work out or whatever makes you feel energised, after doing something like this in the morning, you will feel like your balanced self, ready to take on the new day!
  • Keep looking after yourself: It’s something that is always said, but it is extremely important! Summer can make us busy and distracted but it’s important to stay hydrated, eat well and get plenty of sleep at night. Doing this will make you feel more refreshed at work, ensuring that you always complete tasks to the highest standard.
  • Make lists: It’s easy to become distracted when the summer weather arrives. Ensuring that you make lists of all tasks will allow you to focus your time better. Getting all your jobs done at work will allow you to enjoy the great weather at home, rather than continuing with more work-related responsibilities.
  • Summer Fridays: This is something for managers to have a think about. Leaving work a couple of hours early on a Friday will allow all workers to have more time to enjoy their summer weekends. Your team of workers are much more likely to invest more time and effort into a company who give them great benefits.
  • Focus on one thing at a time: If you’re busy at work your mind can soon be full of the abundance of tasks you have to finish. Try to focus on one task at a time (making lists will help you stick to this) and prioritise your tasks in terms of urgency. Once you start doing this it will free your mind, letting you feel less stressed.
  • Take regular breaks: Started to lose concentration? That means it’s time to take a break! Staring at a computer can make you feel hazy after a while, have five minutes walking around the office, or get yourself a drink. You will return to your desk feeling able to tackle the job in hand.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re on your way to a productive summer at work!

Got any other tips that will help people keep productive over the summer months? I’d love to hear about them, leave a comment below!



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