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Things your boss notices about you

Things your boss notices about you

Your boss’s desk may be at the other end of the office, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see what you are up to. Your boss will be aware of everything from whether you handed your assignment in on time, to when you clocked in this morning. Here are a few of the things you may not know that your boss can see.

If you spend your days getting the gossip from your colleagues or just having a general chit chat, your boss will start to wonder what work you are getting on with if you’re spending most of your time talking. Everyone loves a chat and it is healthy for the office for everyone to be able to get on with each other, however remember that you are there to work and you can always save the gossip for break and lunch times. Also, gossip can be a dangerous thing in an office. You don’t want to be overheard (especially by your boss) gossiping about another co-worker in the work place, this could lead to rumours and bad feeling; nobody likes office drama.

It’s not just what you are talking about, it’s how you are saying it as well. It’s not going to look good to your boss if she overhears a potty-mouth and/or crude comments. If you get comfortable with using language like this around the office with co-workers, it’s a stepping stone to using it around clients and customers. This is where you can get into serious trouble.

Do you arrive to work a couple of minutes late hoping no one notices, but as soon as the clock turns 5 you’re out the door? Your boss notices. Even if there is no clock-in system at work, it doesn’t mean that the time you arrive and leave the office is going unnoticed. Coming to work late shows your lack of enthusiasm for the job and that you aren’t great at managing your time.

Most boss’s don’t mind you sending the occasional message from your phone, but if you’re spending all day looking at your phone or on social media, you obviously haven’t got your work/life balance right! You need to put it down and get back to work, being able to use your phone at work is a privilege that can be taken away.

It’s your boss’s job to watch what you’re doing and how you’re getting on with your work, so it’s best they see that you’re getting the job done, and a good job at that!

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